In the wedding anniversary of Olga Buzova showed a sex tape with her husband

Olga Buzova – active user of social networks. The star often posts photos of events and parties, which becomes a guest, shares private pictures, so that its followers can observe her life.

The wedding anniversary celebration with Dmitry Tarasov was no exception and Olga presented to the subscribers of post-greetings to the beloved on the significant date.

In the four years of the wedding Buzova dedicated quiet:

“Love… when we watch an old movie.
Together, weep together and laugh.
When all night about to speak,
And flinch if touch.

Chills from the warmth of your hands,
From tenderness and happiness,
When you rubbed me the whiskey
Appreciation for this complicity.

When upset: “how are you?”,
And asking about my health,
When you cook dinner myself.
And cleverly will lead with a question eyebrow.

When you return home
Holding any simple flower,
And rubbing my cheek with cheek:
“Come to bed with me, sleep another hour!”

When I suddenly burst into tears,
You know me sometimes I guess.
When words sharp prick,
You fit, will hug me from behind.

Love… when I want to hug you,
When I feel good with you in bed
When afraid is to lose,
So our feelings are not blown.

When, after a quarrel, I do not remember in an hour
All turning to humor or joke.
When you love like last time
And I appreciate it every minute.”

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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