In the TV series “Gotham” is brewing love triangle

In the TV series “Gotham” is brewing love triangle

In the third season of “Gotham” (Gotham) Jim Gordon will not only have to tame the raging criminals, but also to fight for their love. According to the website TVLine, the key role in the events of the upcoming series will be given a new hero, which will play James Carpinello (“the Punisher”, a Suspect/Person of Interest).

The actor will embody the image of Mario Falcone, son of crime boss Carmine Falcone. Once the guy decided not to follow his father’s footsteps and chose the life of a respected and educated doctor. A good and honest Mario refers to people that you trust and that definitely makes him the black sheep in the family Falcone. However, the arrival of such a decent man in Gotham will create problems for Gordon, because Mario wants to ruin his relationship with Lee.

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Recall that the relationship of Jim and Lee and so going through hard times, and at the end of the second season, Gordon had even left Gotham in order to find his bride and return its location.

Premiere new episodes of “Gotham” on Fox will take place on September 19.


Source and photo: lostfilm.tv