In the show “Tonight” Basta and Galkin arranged for the rap battle 24???

Russian entertainer Maxim Galkin and rap artist Busta, pleased the audience with a new improvisation. In the first updated edition of the show “Tonight” celebrity staged a rap battle, according to L!FE.

As you know, Yulia Menshova and Maxim Galkin became the leading show “Tonight.” Next Saturday on TV will this popular program.

Studio guests will discuss the famous music show “the Voice”, to remember the bright moments. Come to the Studio for the programme “Tonight” and mentors from a variety of seasons of “the Voice” and the winners of the TV show.

Rap artist Busta and his beautiful voice

On the set of TV shows especially remember the rap battle that took place between Basta and Maxim Galkin. It turned out that copies of its punchlines famous artists composed a few minutes before filming, so they had to spy in a mobile device.