In the Seychelles, the guys fighting for the heart of Lisa Triantafilidis

From a frivolous coquette Lisa Triantafilidis turned into a real woman, which turns guys as he wants. Most recently, fans were discussing the novel Lisa with Alexei Citizen. Although their relationship was far from perfect, many fans considered them very beautiful couple. But the relationship did not work out, and you Lisa.
“Found out who to sort things out. Lisa is still with whom. But if the guy still proprietary, it is generally can’t pass”, – expressed his opinion one of podeschi.
Once on the island there were Roma Gritsenko, Lisa immediately fell for him and decided to have an affair. The girl totally confused past relationships with Alex and the fact that the novel had a special affection to other girls.

Alex is a showdown with the wrong friend laid claim to the rum. He did this live and well-known all the way – a man staged a real fight.
And the fact that Alex is not averse to fight, for anybody not a secret. The man has already been punished for that too often can’t restrain myself, their spreading.

But fans noted that Lisa is not worth of her guys to sort things out that way. Users suggest to young people to reconsider their attitude to the girl and to look at other participants of the project.