In the reality show “House 2” is coming next confrontation design mom

However, all of the above women, in particular, their game on the camera can fade before the upcoming battle Lyudmila Dmitrenko and Tatiana Grigor. As it became known, mother Olga Rapunzel set up quite strongly for a long time and has plans to come to the Perimeter and to deal with his son-in-law and his mother, the website life-dom2.su.

Moreover, Dmitrenko has already announced some interesting details of what is happening outside the perimeter and now Rapunzel obviously have hard times. At least if you believe the Ludmila is not Dima beat Olga, and her mother like to be clocked objectionable son-in-law. Unlike Rapunzel and her mother, Dima is proof of beatings and even a copy of the statement to the police.

“Yeah, I would have immediately dragged mom all the participants, let them fight without rules, all right! The show becomes every air getting worse and worse. Do not look, here’s something to read and no desire to turn on the TV!” – wrote fans of the youth show.