In the network surfaced dirt on Phil Kotolupov

For several months it Philip was one of the most enviable grooms of the project. However, after the young man, not dealing with emotions, spoke about the “magic” with a Lily Cetraro, many fans somewhat disappointed in it, says the site life-dom2.su.

The fears of fans of the show already confirmed ex-girlfriend Kostrubala. As it turned out, the perimeter Phil good living in the role of a gigolo and not stand on ceremony with someone who it contained. The assurances of the girls, the young people repeatedly raised her hand, and the other negative moments were many.

“I was sure of that, then that is what he is. Yeah, who needs this enviable groom, even the project is not much, you fled. With whom he built relationships that I don’t remember when. Lilka and that of despair began to twist with him, what would you like to distract you from the fact that Zacharias changed” – said the viewers of the reality show.