In the Network are battles fans Pugacheva and Gagarina

The reason was a joke Alla over Polina

Recently, Zamfir has published in his Instagram photo, she’s wearing a black coat and a red beret. In the caption to the picture, the singer boasts about his accomplishments and complains about the workload.

“My small but significant achievement I’ve accustomed yourself to the right diet! More than two weeks, eat super clean food servings and by the clock (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx. Znamenitka), shared Pauline. Today for lunch I had a lazy stuffed pike perch with vegetables. The Kremlin on the nose, so I live, sleep and eat in the car.”

Known to maintain normal weight and keep a slim figure of Gagarin is not easy. In her youth, she was distinguished curvaceous, and during a recent pregnancy gained weight, which did not easily dropped.

This concern about nutrition was funny Alla Pugacheva. Diva, in turn, dressed in a red beret and a black coat on a social network commented on a post Gagarina.

“That’s going in the car and think, as well, that I have the Kremlin so far only in my head, and not “on the nose”, like Polinochka Gagarina. In the morning ate borscht, herring with potatoes and awesome stuffed cabbage rolls with meat” — written by Pugacheva in his Instagram.

However, fans of the Gagarin did not appreciate the joke, and found it very offensive. In turn, the fans support Pugacheva Alla Borisovna, and then apply about diet Gagarina.