In the network appeared rumors about the romance between Lena and Temnikova and Roman Gritsenko

So, for many, was strange and unexpected decision of the organizers to send the Roman Gritsenko Elena Temnikova in the tour. The audience didn’t understand why Roma was honored for personal casting, because of the merits and prerequisites for such he was not observed, the website life-dom2.su.

Moreover, given the recent history with Olga Buzova, the network inevitably there was speculation about the relationship of a young man with Lena Temnikova. Among fans there was an assumption that the mission of Roma, not beloved, and “services” leading “the House 2”, and now fancy him Temnikova.

“Nonsense, I do not believe. Lena had just came to the project, of which the Roman Gritsenko can be discussed, and who he is for her? I think she is wanted, and around her is an army of wealthy, affluent fans” – the audience wrote “House 2”.