In the network appeared rumors about the family, Triandafilidis

However, unlike their predecessors, who originally claimed good intentions, Lisa’s mom was immediately able to spoil the view. At the same time, many became very clear the reasons for such a frivolous behavior of Lisa, as well as the large number of men in her life, the site says life-dom2.su.

Barely off the airwaves, many have believed that Lisa’s mother looks hideous in a dress for his age and with a vulgar make-up, which is obviously not too concerned about the education of her daughter. Shocked fans, including Roman Gritsenko, unobstructed views of women. And some have already advised the young man to run away from this family without looking back.

“God, You think, who not only was a bonfire in social networks?”, “Beautiful well-groomed woman!” – stood up the audience for Mama Lisa Triantafilidis.