In the network appeared rumors about a serious illness Aleksandra Sheva

For example, the disgusting behavior unleashed Sasha Sheva is shocking viewers and participants of reality show. The girl was unable to “pull themselves together” and has not kept his promise to change your attitude to life and try to “smooth things over” in relations with the collective. Moreover, it seems that the girl absolutely no worries that her reputation is seriously “stained” the site says life-dom2.su.

Not shy about Sheva and the status of “nymphomaniac” in which he called her during one of his recent broadcasts. In addition, the network appeared the information that the girl had a serious disease. As it became known, a member of telestroke not so long ago suffered syphilis and it is still unknown whether it was possible for her to heal to the end.

“I don’t understand why these topics are raised? Yes, there is almost every second, I think ill. Come for a couple of days, no health certificate is not asked. Fuck**ll almost on the threshold. What’s so surprising?” – the audience wrote “House 2”.