In the network appeared information about a serious emergency Darina Markina on the “Island of love”

It should be noted that although the information from his lips and doubt among many, but the facts, which leads Sergei, plunged many into shock. According to Lyapina, recently on the “Island of love” had a serious accident, to hide that leadership reality shows cost a lot of energy. The man says that some time ago Darina Markin fell from the second floor of the Villa and only by a miracle did not cause serious injury. And though few believed the words of a fan of “House 2” there were those who found his application for confirmation, the site says life-dom2.su.

Many remembered that at the time Markin was forced to return from the Seychelles to Moscow because of a broken leg when he fell on the stones. Only now has it become clear what happened to the girl really. It is likely that, having touched with alcohol, the girl actually jumped from the second floor, but it managed to hide.

“Knowing who Lyapin and what he represents, I’m pretty sure it’s nonsense, invented by himself!”, “Nonsense, do not believe it!” – questioned the statements of Sergei fans of the TV project “House 2”.