In the fresh video the host of “House 2” Olga Buzova not looks skinny

Repeatedly the girl was given to understand that the divorce he became a serious challenge, and at the time, she almost did not think about food, resulting in the only for her salvation steel droppers. However, even now after the divorce with Tarasov a little over a year, the girl failed to gain weight. However, there is nothing supernatural, based on its loaded and the exhausting schedule, the site says life-dom2.su.

And here’s a video from Dubai, questioned the thinness of the girl. Now there is little doubt that a great body Olga the result of photoshop and good angles. While in reality she is far from skinny.

“I don’t see the layers of fat, she has a good figure, and on the screens she’s too skinny,” “Beautiful her figure, don’t be jealous” – written by the fans of “House 2”.