In the footsteps of Kate Middleton: Melania trump was published in the “old” outfit

Melania trump always pleasantly surprised by their clothes, but this time something went wrong. The U.S. President’s wife the second time wearing the same outfit.

Wife of the American President and the first lady of the United States 47-year-old Melania trump could always show impeccable taste in outfits. We can call them luxurious and comfortable at the same time, reports JoInfo.ua.

But not so long ago, she was surprised by his Internet fans, wearing one of her dresses for the second time.

Where Melania wore this outfit the first time

During the election campaign in may 2016, her husband and current President of the United States Donald trump, Melania has appeared in sheath ivory color from Michael Kors and shoes from Python from Manolo Blahnik.

Where now was seen Melania in the “old” outfit

This time, Melania wore it to meet with interns in the White House.

As you know, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has also been repeatedly observed in the replay of their outfits. So, for example, recently the wife of Prince William wore the dress in which she was at the christening of her daughter Charlotte two years ago.