In the footsteps of Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Kylie Minogue

Russian singer Eva Henri recently took part in one of the most famous annual world rally

Every year the Gumball rally 3000 pass along a specially selected route, the participants drive through various countries and cities, thereby popularizing them. In the race was attended by many celebrities: Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Billy Zane, Kylie Minogue and others. The rally covers more than hundreds of world television channels. Eva Henry told how spent on the road seven days, driving from Riga to the Greek island of Mykonos and met with popular music producer,DJ and owner of the prestigious award Grammy Afrojack, known for his work with Madonna, David Guetta, Eva Simons and Leona Lewis.

– Why did you decide to participate in the race?

It was very unexpected, I would even say, a spontaneous decision. Day I not asked, I got the time wrong and missed the show Ulyana Sergeenko in Paris. The mood was not so. I was sitting in a cafe, and suddenly I called friends and offered to take part in the race in their team. I took the plane ticket and the morning was already in Riga. (Laughs.)

– So, are you an adventurer in life?

– Of course! I work in show business is not a gamble. (Laughs.) But I can’t say that race is a gamble, rather it is such big entertainment. To show themselves, to people-watch and, perhaps, to Express themselves fully. After all, you have to have the spirit and confidence to develop a high speed, considering the fact that you’re not a professional racer but need to get hands weren’t shaking. It is important not to let anyone strange maneuvers.

– Tell us more, how many countries visited, as the road was moved, what was the most memorable?

We drove 3,000 miles from Riga and 6 countries visited: Warsaw, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Tirana, Athens, and finished on the island of Mykonos. Road stand well, it’s a change of scenery, lasting impressions, a drive! We had radios, we often talked, laughed and joked. If there was a time, buying food at the roadside or ate snacks, and sometimes even two days ago. (Laughs.) Attention must be excellent, as it was very dangerous for the opposite, had to watch the road and warn about the dangers of other participants. The most memorable is when the police started clearing the road from other cars and guides. I, at least, felt like the President on a special assignment! (Laughs.)

– How you took care of yourself in the process of racing, share beauty secrets.

– The most important thing is to tilt your head down and shake your roots. Then there is the volume on the head and a wonderful mess. Makeup can accidentally smear mascara to be on the skin tone on the clothing. Therefore, a light moisturizer, the emphasis on hair and the blush still there “the formula” for the lips, which wonderfully merges with them, not spread and create the effect of a naturally luminous lips. In General, the way you only water in the bottle and a bunch of men. (Laughs.)

– Tell us about the acquaintance with the popular music producer and DJ Afrojack he has made an impression on you?

– It was funny! We crossed some kind of border. All participants of the races tend to stick together — this is team spirit. There ranks and regalia, absolutely no arrogance. I just, as always, were photographed in various poses, and ran up to me and funny, extraordinary girl, and stood up as well, we fooled around, and then we were joined by a nice guy, very colorful with us stared. The adrenaline from the first exciting day, I did not even realize that it’s a star-in — the Afrojack. So in a casual setting it’s beautiful, simple and friendly person, without the heavy chains that outweigh the neck. (Laughs.)