In the family of Ivan Krasko and his young wife was the completion

Natalia Shevel and Ivan Krasko in September of this year marked the anniversary of their Union. Despite the fact that surrounding a few people from the beginning did not believe in the longevity of this Union, the couple proves that the age difference of 60 years, not a problem for them.

Ivan says the only thing he lacks — joint children, that is that she is not ready to acquire. But recently, the family Krasko has expanded by one member.

The couple adopted a kitten. Ivan admits that they relate to the animal as her own child, and concentrate on it your full attention. About this actor told in the program NTV “You wouldn’t believe.” “Natasha asked me: “Dad, can I take a kitten?” This Clementine is just amazing closer and sealed our Union. As if we have a child,it’s amazing,” shared Ivan.

Said paint, and a new suitor who might appear at Natalia. “It’s young, I understand. I tell her that sooner or later you’ll find someone, probably. We have the ring engraved “Everything passes”, is a dictum of Solomon.”

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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