In the family Celine Dion a new tragedy

Did not have time Celine Dion to recover from the death of her husband Rene Angelina after several years of fighting cancer, and the death of his brother from the same ailment as another accident broke into this family.

As it became known to journalists of Le Huffington Post Quebec, another relative of the singer has been diagnosed with cancer. This time the disappointing diagnosis delivered to the husband of the sister of Dion, guy Poirier.

Swept aside that Poirier found the same kind of cancer that winter took the life of her husband Celine.

Currently, Poirier is in a hospice, which was opened by the family after the death of his father Dion.

Recall, Renee Angelil struggled with cancer for 17 years. this struggle is waged with varying success, but in December 2015, the man became worse. Celine even had to cancel some of his appearances to be with her beloved husband.

However, the night of Renee’s death, Celine wasn’t there. Angelil died alone in his bedroom. The circumstances of the death was also very interesting. According to the singer, her husband did not die from cancer itself, but from falling.

Rene found his bed, according to Dion, “mad nurse”.

“Renee wanted to die in my arms, but, alas, that night I spoke. He must have wanted to get up, but fell on the floor…”, — shared the singer.

“As a rule, after my show I came to see him, then he was taking her medication, I kissed him and put him to sleep. That night I didn’t want to Wake him. It was found by a nurse the next morning. She was very confused when he came to see me in the morning, then I went into the room…” — said Selin.

Now Dion recognizes that there is a possibility that the husband received some sort of trauma when he fell, and that was the cause of death. But to find out that nobody will.

Source: dni.ru
Photo: spletnik.ru

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