In the day of the alleged wedding Alena Vodonaevoy ZAGS did not work

Many fans Alena Vodonaevoy already doubt the veracity of officially registered marriage with Alekseem the Cosine. The Registrar confirmed the rumors that the registration was not.

The Registrar, in which Alain Vodonaeva and Alex Cosine allegedly recorded his marriage said that no marriage was not. However, the very Vodonaeva do not pay attention to such statements and continues to publish wedding photos in Instagram.

Many know Alain Vodonaevu, as she starred in the television program “House-2”. She is a successful Russian TV presenter and model. In April of this year began to appear the rumors that she had a relationship with Alex, and in the summer Vodonaeva started to prepare for the upcoming wedding. Too fast development is one of the reasons why Internet users say that their wedding is fake.

First, users of social networks wrote Alena warm comments and congratulations, but now no one believes that a wedding was. In the story of Kim and there were a lot of inconsistencies. She said that their wedding was on Monday, but this day the registry office is not conducting the wedding. In addition, they have not been photos of the painting in the ceremonial hall. Eyewitnesses claim that the groom avoided scenes with kissing and pretty nervous. After these rumors were confirmed the words of the Registrar.