In the air there is the second stage of the “blind auditions” the show “the Voice”

In the air there is the second stage of auditions, which show “the Voice” continues its sixth season, called “blind.” It is reported, he was filmed last month, but the results still managed to keep secret.


At blind audition the competition is not only among the artists but between their mentors, who are pop stars. The winner will be only one participant.

Most of the participants before the stage show “the Voice” was Dima Bilan and Pelagia, who managed to keep three singers each. Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin had a competitor. Initially, each coach was presented to 14 participants.

After the second stage of “blind auditions”, the number of contestants the mentors changed. Bilan, Pelagia and city now have 4 participants, Agutin has three. Agutin further away Timofey Kopylov, Mikhail Grishanov and Cuban Yasmani Angulo Silva. And the team Bilan got Gypsy Leonsia Erdenko.

The next issue of “the Voice” will air September 16.