In St. Petersburg will show about the survivors of the attack

October 20 – news Agency “news”. Sunday, October 22, at 21.00 in Annakirche located on Kirochnaya street will premiere “no Seats”, which tells about people who survived the attack.

The theme of the play reveals the problem of human psychology in the conditions of emergency situations of the attack. Behind every hero is a real live person, the story which the playwright helped to recreate the psychologists working on the project. In the play described the fears of people who are only indirectly connected with tragic events… That were not addressed previously in any drama project — say the authors of the play.

According to them, is not just an artistic statement, but also an opportunity to discuss, deconstruct and let go of your fears in the conversation-discussion with psychologists. It is noted that in the last part of the viewers themselves become direct participants of the performance, sharing their thoughts and fears about terrorism.