In “Sleepy hollow” will visit survivors

In “Sleepy hollow” will visit survivors

In the fourth season of “Sleepy hollow” (Sleepy Hollow) Ichabod crane will get not only the new partner, but once sworn enemy. According to the news website TVLine, the cast of fantasy joined the winner of the “Emmy” Jeremy Davis.

That he will play in new episodes of “Sleepy hollow” the main antagonist by the name of Malcolm Dreyfuss. The character is described as eccentric and straightforward magnate, managed to become a billionaire before the age of 30 years. Since Malcolm is constantly looking for new peaks to conquer. In many ways, Dreyfuss — dark version of the crane, as it is a result of the negative impact of capitalism and democracy, distorted version of the American dream for which so fiercely fought Ichabod and the founding Fathers.

The first major role on television for Jeremy Davis was Daniel Faraday from the show “lost” (Lost). Later the actor took part in the filming of such shows as “Constantine” (Constantine), “the Revolt of Texas (the Texas Rising) and “Lucifer” (Lucifer).

“Sleepy hollow” will return with new episodes, presumably in the offseason.


Source and photo: lostfilm.tv