In Saratov demand to ban the play Buzova in the title role

Residents of the city of Saratov demanded to ban the production of “the Man snapped,” which one of the main roles plays the host of “House 2” and singer Olga Buzova.

24 Oct administrators group “Saratov online” asked residents about their impressions on the last days of the performance. In response heard a lot of negative reviews about the game Buzova in this production. According to Saratov, the performance with Buzova poorly supplied, to the same worthless and meaningless.

But Olga was also the defenders. Some users noted that today is important to them not acting the presenter, and its earnings and success.

Note that the play “the Man snapped” is a traditional sitcom that I love many private companies. The girl in the story loves the man, but it soon becomes clear that he is married. Mistress decides to take revenge, making up for this his evil plan. Her plans for revenge turn into a succession of awkward situations.