In new York, a monument to Captain America

In the new York area of Brooklyn opened a monument to the fictional character Captain America, the comic hero of Marvel studios. Bronze statue with a height of 4 meters appeared in the 75th anniversary of the comic strip with the superhero.

According to the publication The Hollywood Reporter, the choice of location for the monument was not accidental – the plot of the comics, Captain America was born in Brooklyn.
“I’m just a kid from Brooklyn” — reads the inscription on the monument. This phrase was also uttered by Captain America (starring Chris Evans) in the film “the First avenger”.

But not all district residents pleased with the monument, many believe that the monument taints the beauty of Prospect Park, where it was posted, and turns this place into an advertising site of product Marvel. It is possible that in response to the protests, the monument may change the place of deployment.

Marvel comics Captain America, the authors of which were Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, was first published in 1941. In the original version of a superhero fighting the Nazis during the Second world war. After the graduation adventures of Captain America have become more diverse. With this character created a lot of cartoon and films, including he got in the franchise “the Avengers”.

Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com
Photo: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com

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