In honor of the singer Zhanna Friske called the bridge

In honor of the singer Zhanna Friske called the bridge

Relatives dream to perpetuate the memory of the artist.

Relatives and fans of Zhanna Friske can not accept the loss. The famous singer passed away a little over a year ago. The actress struggled with a brain tumor, but are unable to overcome the disease. Since then, relatives seek to commemorate the famous actress. Now the family Friske discusses the idea to name the bridge in honor of Jeanne.

“In our village a Church is built, in its foundations we have laid the vial with the name of the child given at baptism – Anna. In addition, the project between the Church and Church school will be the bridge of love is made of glass. Here the lovers will be engaged and get married. The priest suggested naming the bridge in honor of Anne, that is Jeanne. Already have the model of the future bridge,” – said the father of singer Vladimir Borisovich.

Since last year discussed what will be the monument on the grave of the singer. Relatives were involved in the selection process of the design of the monument and the many fans of the actress. They sent their sketches that, in their opinion, best able to reflect the image of the artist. The work on the monument in the middle. On the grave set the plate to start to build the monument.

“The grave will be decorated beautifully: the arch, which will stand Jeanne in a long dress with microphone, flowers, full height 1 meter 66 cm. The monument is of white marble,” – said Vladimir Borisovich.

Elect Jeanne Dmitry Shepelev often tries to tell a three year old son Platon about his mother. TV presenter recalls her habits, favorite places and everything that makes her happy. However, until now, grandparents are not able to see her grandson. Lawsuits about the order of meetings with the boy lasts until now. While the parties failed to reach an agreement.

“Recently I had a dream where Jeanne and talking about Plato. I began to complain to her and asked to help pick up the talking about us for a while. Said that mom is exhausted. She took my hand, stroked it and said quietly, “Daddy, everything will be fine, be patient!” – said Vladimir Borisovich, in an interview with the magazine “relax”.


Source and photo: starhit.ru