In his 47 years, Gwen Stefani is waiting for the fourth kid

The famous singer Gwen Stefani in his 47 years pregnant from her husband Blake Shelton. It is the fourth child in the star family.

American singer and producer will become a mother for the fourth time, reported by the Western media. Gwen Stefani is expecting a child with her husband, country singer Blake Shelton.

It is reported that the singer had to put effort to get pregnant at 47 years old — she was seen in a California clinic for treatment of infertility. It is also known that the singer turned to the technique of IVF and the rate of acupuncture.

Recall, Gwen already has three children whom she bare herself in a natural way. Boys 11 and 9 years old, the youngest — 3 years. Gwen Stefani is one of the ageless celebrities.

Photos of the singer are often accompanied by loud discussions with her youthful appearance and slim figure. For example, recently Gwen was photographed on the beach in California, walking around in bikinis and tiny shorts. Sports uniforms Stephanie has roused the admiration of users.

In an interview with Gwen repeatedly said that can not imagine my life without sports and that it is very important to fit into your favorite clothes.