In a network there were photos from the wedding of Dmitry Tarasova and Anastasia Kostenko

For more than a year after her divorce from Tarasov girl was not able to meet a new life partner. In contrast to Dmitry Buzov in no hurry to arrange a personal life, and it hurts reacts to the news of Tarasove and Kostenko. So, quite acutely Olga was perceived the news about the engagement of ex-wife in the Maldives, which, at the time, quickly became an iconic place, the website life-dom2.su.

Now, fans are seriously worried about how Buzova will be able to survive the latest news from Tarasova. Judging by the photos published on the network and with geolocation “Kutuzovsky registry office” immediately after the holidays, Dima and Nastya have legalized their relationship. And Olga, though, and tries to be brave, to be deeply troubled, watching the ostentatious happiness Tarasov.

“Tarasov at the time of the album to have for brands ,so wedding pictures to collect, so the wives(ex-current) not to get confused”, “I also think that finger was addressed Buzova” – shared his opinion of the fans of the youth television show.