In a network there were new photos of the grown son of Elizabeth Boyar

Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveev of the star couple, who my personal life I prefer to keep personal and not to advertise it at every corner. Still the couple was not shown to anyone and your 5-year-old son Andrew. Parents protect boys from unnecessary media attention.

September 2, little Andrey Matveev has been a guest of the festival of children’s and family films “Sunny island” in Yevpatoria. On the red carpet, he appeared not with your parents, and grandparents — Larissa Luppian and Mikhail Boyarsky.

The baby was dressed in a suit. Holding the hand of grandfather, Andrew with curiosity considered the participants of the costume parade. Now fans of Lisa and Maxim are trying to consider, for someone like their son.