In 29 years died member of the rap group LSP Roma Englishman: He met his second alias

30 July in the official community Belarusian rap group the LFA has reported that the died participant of the project novel Sadako, he’s an Englishman Roma or Roma Dead. No explanatory information was not given. On the pages of the second participant of group Oleg Savchenko, information about what is happening also absent, as it was not on the walls of the accounts of the people mentioned as those who were related to the project.




The novel Sadako at the time of death was only 29 years old. The part of Internet users initially in this information don’t believe it. There have been suggestions that this is a prank, the black PR from a very unlucky Manager and so on. However, as the community official, where such things were previously not joking, believe still had.



Then there were many cynical comments in this group and on other sites where they talk about the death of Roman Sadako. Representatives of the LSP did not react, but stood up a popular rap artist Hook, in the form of several uncultured offered be quiet, after all, man is not. The band had scheduled concerts, hung out touring schedules. What happens to all this now, is not clear.


Regarding the death of the Novel Sadako speaks only a large number of hearsay from individuals who presumably could monitor his life and work. In particular, some Internet users cited the record on twitter from some Sony the Dream – lady, is known for working on the Russian TV, on one of the channels, and also relates to “the rap party”: she previously met with one of Moscow rappers. On the screen the message written, apparently some time ago, the text dealt with the surprise this person why the LSP group’s planned concerts until the end of autumn as you never know what might happen with Roma English. However, when it was reported about the death of the artist, Sonia Dreams only expressed sympathy and wrote how it shocked her, so how would that information be accurate is not clear.



From what hypothetically could die Roma English? According to rumors, he had been using drugs, and, in fact, there might be an overdose. In addition, there were problems with the cardiovascular system. It is believed that all the matter in the psychological disorder in which Roma Englishman could go, so to speak, at his own request. Some Internet users mentioned that there were rumors about early attempts such. It is believed that Roma Englishman, his mental state, could be affected by the death of another rapper – Chester Bennington of the band Linkin Park, who died July 20.



In fact, relevant to the subject of death, according to people familiar with the work of the individual, it was kind of sarcastic. Often the songs were related to this phenomenon, death was played out in different images, have been sending and the “shell”. Actually, the topic is so popular not only in LSP, but fans of the band suggest that they had some kind of hint of what happened with Roma English.



Who was this artist? Roman Nikolaevich Sadako, he’s an Englishman Roma, it – Roma the dead man, the native city of Mogilev. According to one media, studied the art graphics, but to stay at the easel he quickly got bored. Within one and a half years sashiko worked as a nurse “trupovozki” – ambulance, transporting the dead to the morgue. Once he almost got a heart, because, in his own words, has been exceeded “medicine”. The press called him “the Mogilev producer” and thus he really did a lot of processing and promotion tracks. Before the advent of the LFA did “own music”, and appeared in the group immediately, but when he got there, it became famous as a composer and as a Director and as a back-MS and other-other. According to some experts, relevance to REP, Rum, the Englishman has managed to develop a unique musical handwriting, clicking on the “alarming rattling bass and lonely solo saxophone”.



People familiar with him, I remember a lot of stories Sadako about himself. He during a concert in the same club got into a fight when there was a speech, and then went on stage to finish singing, then successfully resisted the masters of the sport, considering that “invincible”. Roma Englishman believed that no one will be able to knock out. It was called the man with a weary look, though he laughed a lot, a bit cynical treating, in particular, to the issue of death. Connect it just with its former work of nurses. At the same time, he himself, as I believe, strongly influenced by the fact that LSP paid much attention to the theme of death, could quote lines from songs by other artists, where it was mentioned. A depressed person novel Sadako, apparently, was not, rather, it was the one that had a very peculiar appreciate the moments of human existence.



LSP was originally not a group, but just the pseudonym Oleg Savchenko. According to information from open sources, a team she became, in 2012, when came the Roma English. The first joint song was “Numbers”, after having hit the “More money” and then made a video for the song “Cocktail”. The work LSP is not unique enough, the team is not considered a genius, however, recognized that such creativity can interest. It is believed that many in the style of a group from such a musical genre like trap, which is characterized by somewhat aggressive lyrics, layered synths and a lot of long, densely abbasovich parties.