Ilya Yabbarov gave proof of his accusations against Sasha Gosias

So, for several weeks, the former friends give each other the claims. Sasha Gosias requires with Ilya 200 thousand rubles, and the young man, in turn, is not going to part with this amount, explaining that in his opinion, it was Sasha owed him money. The assurances of a young man, between them there was an agreement about the kickbacks from advertising posts, which Gosias as seen forgotten. At least Ilya has still not received a penny of the promised money, the website life-dom2.su.

Although it is said Illya found it difficult to believe that the young man hastened to submit proof of his words. Judging by the audio files that are published on vast social networks, it seems that Yabbarov not lying, and already Sasha Goias will soon have to answer for his deception.

“To be honest, I’m tired of this Comedy, that’s why they take out for public discussion? Well, if there is a problem, then to decide between them, why attract attention?” – asked the fans youth telestroke.