Ilya Glinnikov and his bride has denied the rumors about the fight

Say favorite fight to heal, but when push comes to shove this is too much. So, now the media are discussing is such a conflict pair Ilya Glinnikov and his bride Ekaterina Nikulina.

Journalists write about what the star of the series “Interns” very had a fight with Catherine. Supposedly even came to that because of the fight Ilya was taken to the Institute. Sklifosovsky with a concussion. By the way, Catherine also was diagnosed with a head injury. Rumor has it that constant conflict the couple arise from the fact that the girl was not working and often out until late at night without Ilya. He has not commented on the scandalous relationship with Catherine. But, according to the agent Glinnikov, he is now in Georgia and he was okay: “He is at the moment in Georgia, all of it safely. And generally all is well.”

Also denied the news about the conflict, and Catherine in the comment to the edition “Around.TV”.