Igor Tregubenko never forgive Ella Sukhanova correspondence with another man

However, at the moment, in a network fans discussing their breakup, though young people continue to pretend like nothing happened. However, this information is not surprising, because most of the initially suggested that Ella used to live on a Grand scale, unlikely to be able to satisfy their queries with the help of Igor Tregubenko, the website life-dom2.su.

In the end, Sukhanov began searching for a new man and almost immediately fell asleep before Tregubenko. As it became known the man was unable to forgive and in team chat, which was discovered in the better half phone, and then hastened to put an end to the relationship.

“Sorry George, because he is a good guy,” “If this is true, it explains a lot, especially the crisis in their relationship” – shared his opinion the audience of “House 2”.