Igor Nikolaev’s daughter, was in the eye of the hurricane “Irma”

Representatives of the Russian show business have long chosen the ocean coast of Florida for your holiday. Some of the local stars even owns real estate in this state. Hurricane “Irma” prevented relaxation of famous Russians, but added adrenaline. For example, Igor Nikolaev’s daughter, Julia was in the midst of the disaster.


Nikolaev wrote in the social networks that his daughter, who was vacationing in Miami, as opposed to five million Americans, did not leave California on the eve of the hurricane, but remained in the city to see this tropical “monster”. The singer even posted a video of the disaster that Julia was shot from the balcony of his apartment. Coincidentally, at the same time in Florida was Mama Natasha Koroleva and her husband Sergei Glushko.

Hurricane “Irma” was announced by climatologists as the most powerful over the past decades. Forecasters were right. The wind, reaching more than 200 meters per second, has killed at least 27 people and left without electricity for more than three million Americans. Residents whose homes are on the coast, now hiding in underground shelters. Stores in the state are not working. People eat what’s stocked.