Igor Nikolaev has pleased fans of a photo without a mustache

Igor Nikolaev has surprised its fans, laying out in the Internet photos in which he is depicted without his unwavering attribute is his mustache. Users never seen in such a guise, he never changed the image.


Many fans believed that this image of a musician – long hair and mustache is a habit to hide some of his shortcomings. Recently the singer has dispelled these rumors, put in the Internet photos, which he without a mustache.

In Instagram recently Igor Nikolaev published a picture from the distant 1966, where he goes to school. This the he signed that it was a good time of childhood, he misses him. He wrote that at one Desk sat a pretty girl, but he can’t remember her name.

Members thanked the composer for what he has shared rare photos from his childhood where he is without his same image. Some users were so touched by such a thing also began to nostalgia for the old days of childhood and school years.