Igor Krutoy revealed the true reason for the divorce

After more than 20 years after the breakup with his first wife Igor Krutoy told why it happened. The revelation of the Russian composer led a TV presenter and his girlfriend Lera Kudryavtseva as part of a new provocative game show called “the Secret million dollar.

So Cool during the interview admitted that in his relationship with first wife was not so rosy, as desired. Feelings in the pair was not mutual: “I loved her very much,” said the composer. – She’s not me”. However, the mother Cool standing backstage, said that it was not the only cause of the collapse of family life. “Money he didn’t have, so she has gone,” said Svetlana Semenovna.

Once when Igor Yakovlevich tried to warn against such mistakes as his son born in wedlock with Elena Nicholas.

One day a boy met a girl, which, according to the composer, was a son not equal. In the end I insisted that the son broke up with girlfriend. The son asked his father a time for reflection, all weighed up and broke up with my girlfriend.

Not to say that the divorce from Helen was to Steep the wrong decision. After breaking up with the mother of your first child’s life Cool worked out for the best. More than 20 years he was happily married with his beautiful Olga. After their wedding in 1995 he began to take the composer on a national stage, and money difficulties has receded.


Source: starhit.ru
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