Idris Elba takes up shooting his first feature film

British actor and DJ Idris Elba, who became famous thanks to his participation in the TV series “the Wire” and “Luther” takes on a new case.

Elba, who shot earlier, several short films and music videos, and Creator, Executive producer multiple projects with his involvement, prepares to shoot a full movie.

Full meter Idris will be called “Yardi”. The basis for script writing will serve the eponymous novel by Victor Hadley, where we are talking about a Jamaican mule, which delivers drugs in London.

In one of these visits, the courier decides to disappear and to sell kilos of drugs.

Date of commencement of filming and premiere of “Yardi” is not specified.

Who will play in the film main roles are as yet unknown.

We will remind, the last project of Idris Elba as an actor became the six-part series called “Civil war”/”Guerrilla”.

Action series in which Elba will also be a producer, will show the UK 70 years. The plot is built on a pair of activists whose relations and values are subjected to a severe test after the characters contribute to the release of the political prisoner and join the underground organization in London. Their goal is a special unit of counter-intelligence, whose task was to combat all manifestations of activity among the black population.

Writer and Director of “Civil war” will be John Ridley (author of the play “12 years of slavery” and screenwriter of the series “American crime”).

When the series will be released on small screens, is not disclosed.

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: spletnik.ru

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