Icons-talismans for the home

Icons, as the main religious shrines, have a special, higher power. During the prayer request you can ask for the desired before the image of the saints, and the icons may be a strong talisman for your home.

To protect your home and family, many people acquire different charms or make them with my hands. However, not all of them are quite effective, and many do not bring any result.

The Orthodox Church has always attached icons of special importance. It is believed that lit before the icon to pray, to share all the most intimate, but all of your sincere requests will be fulfilled. Few people know that the icon itself can protect you from the evil eye and other troubles and troubles, and therefore is a powerful talisman for your home and family.

How to place icons in the house

To images of saints is not just decorated your apartment, but also became a strong talisman, you need to place icons. Of course, you can place the icon where you want. It can be a bedside table, Desk, or you can just hang them on the wall. However, it must be located next to the icons of the items that can affect the power of the Holy images.

Try not to place icons next to electrical appliances. Periodic use of these devices will affect the power of icons, and with time the Holy image will not be able to fully help you.

It is not necessary to place icons next to the books, the content of which is not of a theological nature.

Do not place among the sacred images of toys, Souvenirs and other little things, as icon is an important religious objects, and not simple home decoration.

Try to place at least one icon in each room. This will help you to protect your home and bring in a peaceful atmosphere.

Icons, which will help to protect your home

Most of the icons has the gift of protection. Some of them are able to protect not only you but also your home and family. The presence of these sacred images will protect your home from accidents, negative impact from angry people and visits robbers. Will also help to maintain harmony in the house and a good relationship with your family.

Seven arrows icon of the Mother of God. This icon can often be seen in the apartment at people of faith. It is believed that this image of the virgin is able to protect the house from evil eye of jealous people, from damage and the evil eye.

Place the icon of the Mother of God above the entrance door, and then the evil power would ignore your home, and evil people, and are not able to get into your home.

The Icon Of The Mother Of God “Burning Bush.” This image of the Mother of God is one of the oldest. The name of the icon associated with its history. One day a shepherd walking a herd of sheep, saw a fire. Coming closer, he saw the Bush burning, but most of all he was surprised that Bush did not suffer from fire. Then from the flames came a God who started the conversation with the affected by what he saw shepherd. Bush received the name “burning Bush.” The presence in your home of the icon associated with this event, able to defend home and household from fire.

The image of St. Spyridon. If your family has financial difficulties or you expect to acquire the house something important and expensive in the first place get an icon of St. Spyridon. It helps in improving material provisions in the resolution of family conflicts and the resolution of financial difficulties, but if ever you decide to rent or sell their homes, then with that you also will not have problems.

OSTROBRAMSKA icon of the Mother of God. Is one of the best amulets from quarrels and conflicts with family members. Also protects your home from mystery enemies. As seven arrows icon, position OSTROBRAMSKA the icon of the Mother of God above the entrance door. Then, unwelcome guests and those who wish you harm can’t cross the threshold of your home.

Icon Of St. John The Warrior. To protect your home from burglars and petty thieves, replenish your iconostasis image of St. John the Warrior. Especially needed this icon for those people who live in disadvantaged areas, whose houses and flats may be vulnerable to looting. Those who are afraid that his property will stare even the guests should also get an icon of the Holy Martyr John.

If you decide to enlist the help of icons, amulets, do not forget that it is not important what kind of icon you will get. Much more important than faith in its power, in the power of saints and, of course, of God himself. Team dailyhoro.ru wishing you peace and tranquility