Icon “The Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin”

The virgin Mary is especially venerated by the whole Christian world. Her icons have miraculous power of healing, turning to her in all life’s difficulties in her seeking protection and solace.

Most of the icons associated with the virgin Mary, are miraculous. They especially venerated in the Orthodox Church, relying on the power of the mother of Jesus, who worked for every person. So, too, is an icon depicting the birth of the future mother of God of pious and righteous Anna. The prophecies that indicate this is the greatest event recorded in the old Testament — they heralded the birth of the woman who gives the world the Savior.

History of the icon

Anticipating the writing of icons, the Orthodox world has received a lot of Signs pointing to the emergence of the mother of God. According to legend, the news of the appearance of unusual baby heard pious parents, Joachim and Anna. Woman praying to a Higher power about the appearance of their family, a baby, heard the voice that told her of impending pregnancy. The same news was heard and her husband, who went into the wilderness for the godly prayers and abstinence in strict fasting. Fulfilled prophecy is depicted on the icon by the hand of a master.

Where is the miraculous image

The wonderworking icon of the Nativity of the virgin can be found almost in all temples, churches and cathedrals all over Russia and abroad. Often the icons are written after the establishment of the Church dates the celebration of an event, but the writing of the miracle of the birth of the virgin Mary had to be postponed because of the struggle of the Church with unbelievers and heretics. That is why the original icons came in the form of frescoes of one of the temples. The establishment of a full-fledged icon was a Sacred Legend which was described in detail this wonderful event.

Description of the icon

The original depiction of the birth of the mother of God written sparingly. Over time, the icon has found a new paint and finishing touches, supplemented with new persons depicted on the canvas. The most common icon, where Anna sits on the bed, taking gifts in the form of foods and vessels from three virgins. Bottom right is the cradle of her daughter Mary, the future mother of God, which is rocking in the cradle. Later the icon appeared Joachim, to whom was given the place of edge, so as men could not enter the women’s quarters of the house at certain moments. Anyway, every icon, written by skilled craftsmen, fully conveys to us the triumph of what is happening, filling the heart of every Orthodox Christian joy and spiritual awe.

What helps the miraculous image

Prayer to the icon of the Nativity of Mary will be heard, whatever you asked in his address. The intercession of stretches for all people. It protects and protects from all calamities, troubles and misfortunes. Refer to it for strengthening faith, protection against doubt and hesitation, make the correct decision. Before the icon pray for families in which no children, and single mothers to protect their babies. Not once was the icon of the virgin miracles of healing, especially childless women, who, after sincere prayers give birth to healthy offspring. Anyone who wishes to join the Orthodox faith, to atone for sins and receive advice from Higher powers, may resort to the icon of the Nativity of the virgin.

The celebration of the

The Church established the date for the celebration of the icon, which is dedicated to the birth of the virgin Mary. New style is on 21 September, while in the old eighth. This festival is great, it is installed approximately in the fourth century.

Prayer before the icon

“Holy mother of God, hear our humble prayers! Don’t leave us slaves sinners without Your mercy and shelter. Grant us, Queen of Heaven, Thy goodness Yes, do not leave in doubt and suffering. Protect our souls from evil and wickedness Yes specify the correct path, to the Lord’s leading. Show us the power of his righteous Yes heal us from diseases bodily, grant us offspring healthy save Chad from our actions impious. Amen.”

There are many icons of the virgin, each of which you can worship and offer prayers. The day of celebration Church encourages everyone to open their heart and soul to meet the Lord, and humbly spend the day cleaning and spiritual growth.