Icon “the beheading of St. John the Baptist”

Icon “the beheading of St. John the Baptist,” many associated with fear and sadness, because it depicts the brutal event. The icon revealed an example of what is capable of doing a sinful man.

In celebration of the beheading of John the Baptist, faithful Christians recall the events of bygone days. The icon is an integral part of the festival, details showing what it is capable of the hatred. The icon “the beheading of St. John the Baptist” shows the brutal execution of the Baptist.

History of the icon

For Orthodox people, John the Baptist is in second place on the importance and love after Jesus Christ himself. John believed in the Lord, and walked around the world preaching about the Kingdom of heaven, preparing people for the arrival of the Mission. He also baptized Jesus Christ, and encouraged many people to the faith and love of the Lord.

In that time Galilee was ruled by king Herod. He lived with Herodias in unwed matrimony. John the Baptist could not forgive him and close my eyes. He blamed the king for the crime. Herod couldn’t kill the Baptist, the universal fear of publicity and the wrath of God. He locked up the prophet in prison. But Queen Herodias lurked hatred of John.

The fateful day fell on the feast held in the Palace. At noble reception, danced the daughter of the Queen and the stepdaughter of Herod Samalea. The king was captivated by her beauty and promised her to fulfil any wish. Raised by a cruel mother, Sumalee asked the head of John. The king was very upset about this request, but did as she wished.

Where is the miraculous image

It is difficult to say where in our days you can find the first icon with the given plot. But many of the icon “the beheading of St. John the Baptist” are found in many cities of our country. It is a popular icon among Christian people, though it carries a scary story.

Description of the icon

The oldest icons that have survived to our day, written in the early era of the formation of the Byzantine Empire. Basically the icon depicts John kneeling before the warrior, who puts the sword over his head.

Another popular story depicts the severed head and decapitated body where the blood flows.

What helps the miraculous image

Before this icon people pray for the preservation of life and health, to banish from the souls of demons and evil spirits, for healing of body and spirit, and of increased faith and strength and will.

Prayer grant salvation from blemishes and calumnies of detractors and enemies.

The celebration of the

September 11 is the official day of celebration not only of the icon memory, but also memories of one of the saddest events of the gospel, when was the severed head of John the Baptist. Many Orthodox people believe that day is not a holiday, but a time of mourning, but the Church celebrates this day in the Orthodox calendar as the celebration, which shows that man is capable of sinful acts. On this day strict fast is observed and performed service in the temples of God.

Prayer before the icon

“Oh, The Baptist Son Of God, Jesus Christ! Bow before you in prayer! Please don’t leave it unattended me, a sinner. Pray to the Lord for me, that He forgives my sins of the earth. Take from me, o Holy John, troubles, sadness and anger things of the world. Only you can help me and cleanse my sinful soul! Only you was awarded the honors to baptize Jesus Christ. Before you bow to thee in prayer are treated. Forgive me for my doing evil and unclean! Ask thou the Lord for me, for I will stand before His Throne when my time comes. Amen.”

The icon of the great prophet full of pain, but only looking at the terrible plot, we understand that the world is full of evil, which will save a genuine faith and prayer to the saints. Do not tempt fate, be faithful to our word, given before the Lord. We wish you peace in your soul. Take care of yourself