Icon Saint Evdokia

The miraculous icon — the property of the Christian religion. Through the images of the Holy saints of this day descends the gracious assistance of the heavenly helpers.

Holy Evdokia, Nobleborn Princess of Moscow, in life revealed himself as the patron of the destitute, the wretched, widows and orphans. To her wonder-working image many people turn the most difficult situations, praying for a miracle and intercession.

History of the icon

Beloved of Dmitry Donskoy was born into a noble family. Widowed Eudoxia found humility and new life in monasticism. When the worldly and the righteous living in it opened the divine forces that she did her best to hide from the evil or unworthy eyes. Honor widows defamed angry slander emanating from envious people. Even the sons questioned the loyalty and reverence of his own mother. Eudoxia gathered the children in his chambers, showing how her body had dried up from the constant posts, and her body was covered in clothing, mortify the flesh. Printing grief about her husband and the love of Christ compelled her to resort to such actions. The sons begged for forgiveness, repenting and desiring revenge on the evil slanderers. Evdokia forbade them to take revenge and to blacken his own soul.

With her name associated historical and spiritual event. Her son, Basil, gave a small militia into battle against the hordes of the Golden Horde that surrounded the border of the Russian land. Martyr Eudoxia continually turned to God in prayer, pleading for help. Buck prayers came even before the virgin, the Princess asked me to deliver the image of mother of God from Vladimir to Moscow. Once the icon of the virgin Mary was met on the Kulikovo field, the commander of the Golden Horde saw the complete ruin and collapse it beside the Russian lands. Tamerlan was afraid of the visions and fled.

In the early XV century by Eudoxia, the Archangel Michael, instructing her to become a monk and change the name Euphrosyne. This Martyr sought all his life but now the Lord himself has prepared her a place among the inner circle. Eudoxia died a few months later after he made monastic vows. In 1407 she was buried at the ascension Church of God, where the power it exuded the gracious intercession and healing.

Description of the icon of St. Eudocia

The icon for the zone depicted the nun Eudocia, holding in his right hand the temple of God as a symbol of the intercession of the Russian lands from the hordes of the infidels and foreign enemies. The left hand of the Holy aside, symbolizing divine protection. View Holy is directed to the heart everyone looking at the icon. Her eyes giving consolation to the unfortunate and disadvantaged, widows and orphans. Missus eudoxie calls to prayer of any person in a difficult situation. Because once her prayer feat saved thousands of people from terrible slavery, the violence and fierce devastation. The image of Eudoxia suggests that neither wealth, nor power, nor family home should not be an obstacle to the love of God.

Where is the icon

In 1929, the Church of the ascension in Moscow, where rested the mortal remains of Eudoxia, was destroyed. The relics were lost, and only with God’s help, they managed to find 70 years later. Re-uncovering of the relics of the Holy was another phenomenon of the Lord’s love for Russia and the people that inhabited it.

In honor of the blessed event, the venerable rector of Moscow erected a house Church, which founded the Sunday school. Later on this place was erected the temple Euphrosyne of Moscow. The first stone was laid in 2005, and in 2010, construction came to an end.

The place of erection of the Church in honor of St. Eudoxia was chosen. In Moscow Kotlovka pious Eudoxia for the first time took of Metropolitan Cyprian, convincing him to stay in Moscow and to restore godliness in Russia. In this temple holds as well as the relics of a Saint. This place is always crowded with pilgrims and parishioners from different countries, who seek to experience the miraculous assistance.

What helps icon Saint Evdokia

Missus eudoxie helps through the prayers of grieving people whose heart is overwhelmed with grief and pain. Her way of praying in need, asking for help from above. Holy helps widows, orphans, the elderly, the outcast, and bezverny. Prayer to evfrosinii, is able to bring out the gloom of doubt and hesitation in faith, to heal the soul and flesh, to help them achieve spiritual enlightenment and new opportunities.

Prayer before the image

“Reverend Duchess Eudoxia, the pleaser of the Lord! Hear the words of the prayer of the unworthy servants of God who with faith and love I cling to Your image. Our Holy Lord by His prayers for the salvation of the Russian land and all its inhabitants. Deliver us from troubles, misfortunes and fall. Like a caring mother, save the life of our spiritual miracle. Push us to amendment of life to piety and faith in a solid and indestructible. Vera and resort to Your help, plead for Your intercession. Reward us healing, consolation and blessing. Ask for us to the Lord peace and repentance, pass all the tests the data and get rid of eternal torment. May we always praise the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit. Amen.”

The days of veneration of the icon

The day of veneration of the image of the nun Eudocia falls on two dates. First celebrated on may 17/30, and on the undertaking of the Holy monastic vows. The second celebration honors the memory of the light of the assumption of the pious Duchess — 7/20 July.

Icon Saint Evdokia will be a great intercessor in the days of grief and sorrow. Sincere prayers beside the miraculous icon will give you Divine favor.