Icon Of St. Simeon The Myrrh-Streaming

Simeon the myrrh-streaming — significant figure in the Orthodox world. His image immortalised on an icon that protects and saves from the terrible disaster.

Icon of St. Simeon the myrrh-gusher known for its miraculous powers. For anybody not a secret that the sacred images are indispensable assistants in difficult situations. But the image of the Holy are many people whose life was marked by unbearable grief. To this Shrine seeking Christian believers from every corner of our country. This unique icon helps people in need, especially couples who can’t have children.

History of the icon

The icon was written in honor of the king of Serbia — Simeon the myrrh-gusher. It was a Grand Prince, a believer in the Lord and preaching the Orthodox faith to the people. He did a lot for his state worked hard to land consolidation. In history his name occupies not the last place, that Simeon was a defender of his people against the attacks of enemies.

At the age of 82 years, he and his eldest son went to mount Athos. There they led a righteous life by keeping the posts in all their rigor, prayed in all sincerity and helped the poor and the poor with all the unselfishness. Simeon and his son Sava, later the Saint and protector of the Serbian lands, founded the monastery of Hilandar, which then began to arrive people from around the world.

Where is the image

The Shrine can be found in the Moscow Church of the apostles Peter and Paul.
The first icon, which is the original icon of St. Simeon the myrrh-streamer, is in the monastery on mount Athos Hilendar.

Description of the icon

The icon depicts St. Simeon in the robes of a priest. In his left hand he open folds. Often, the Holy is portrayed as a wise and humble elder. The icon is imbued with Holiness and righteousness, and reflects the features of a warlike, but peaceful and humble ruler.

There are lists where Simeon is depicted together with his son Sava. The father and the son and majestically in full growth appear before believers.

What helps the image of Simeon the myrrh-streaming

The icon has the power to transfer all of your prayers for the children and the imminent conception of the Holy Simeon. The monk listens to every request, favoring the couples a happy life and well-being of children. In his power to reflect the blows of fate, especially from those whose life is a test.

God-loving ruler with care and tenderness answers every prayer. The main thing — not to stop believing and sincerely ask the Holy to fill your life.

The celebration of the

The feast in honor of the icon of St. Simeon the myrrh-gusher officially approved on 12 September and 31 January.

Prayer before the icon

“Oh, Holy Simeon! Before you I in prayer I stand on my knees! Pray for me before the Lord and cleanse my soul from the sins of the earth! Grant me healing and strong healthy child! Forgive me, a sinner, and do not let the forces leave me! Heal me from all diseases and will give me. Deliver me from sadness, anger and resentment. Yes, I will praise thy name. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Forever and ever. Amen.”

The image of St. Simeon helps when worldly opportunities already powerless. It has long been his petition to the Lord in Holy places gathered pilgrims from all over the world. Leaving mount Athos, and is accessible exclusively to men, believers were waiting for some good news: everyone who prayed before the Holy face, he got what went. We wish you happiness and success