Icon Of St. Martyr Sofia

Sofia is one of the most revered saints in the Orthodox Church. Her life was full of suffering and pain, but the Martyr endured all the hardships that fell to her shoulders, and now helps believers not to deviate from the righteous path.

Virgin originally from Italy, named with the name Sophia which means “wisdom”, even when life has attained the highest wisdom. Pure, undefiled, modest, and obedient Sophia — so talking about her believers. She was full of mercy and gave the world three daughters, three virtues: Faith, Hope and Love.

History of the icon

The St. Sophia was originally from Rome. From childhood, she led a righteous life and believed in the Lord. In faith and obedience she brought up three daughters are called Faith, Hope and Love. These names correspond to the three main Christian virtues. The Holy maid he loved his daughters and instructed them on the spiritual path since birth.

At that time power was in the hands of the Emperor Hadrian. The Governor, like most of the population were pagan and did not recognize any other religion. When he found out about the family of Sophia, who preached Christianity, he felt anger. The ruler ordered them to abandon the Christian religion and to offer sacrifices to the pagan God.

When the girls and their mother refused to renounce Jesus Christ, the Emperor gave the order to the daughters subjected to horrible tortures. First, on the front of his mother and both sisters eldest daughter, Faith mercilessly beat. When the beating ended, the torturers put the girl on fire iron grate, but the fire could not cause Faith harm, because she was under the protection of God. Then the Lord gave orders to throw it into the pot of hot tar, but by the will of the Lord tar has become cold. When all attempts to cause the girl’s terrible suffering ended, she was ordered to cut off her head. Other daughters were subjected to the same torture, and then executed. The girls spirit was unbroken to the last. They wholeheartedly loved the Lord and was willing to die for their faith.

Sofia the Emperor decided not tantalizing. But the pain that the Martyr had experienced that day cannot be compared with the physical hardships. Her eyes were tortured and killed his daughter. The woman they buried their daughters and for two days did not depart from their graves, praying for the souls of the dead. Two days later, the Lord took the soul of Sofia in His Kingdom.

For all the suffering and the pain you have been through Sofia, she was canonized. It happened in the year 137. Sofia Roman and her daughter suffered a severe pain, but was not broken, thereby showing people that faith in Christ is much stronger than fear of torture. They endured all the tortures and remained steadfast and faithful to the Lord even at the cost of their own lives.

Where is the image of St. Sophia

In our time, the image of the Holy Martyr Sofia is always in the center of any of the Orthodox churches. The icon of devout Sophia is one of the most important and valuable sacred places for Orthodox churches. To pray before the Holy image, just go to any Orthodox Church. In addition, a large number of Christians kept an icon of Martyr in their homes.

Description of the icon

The face of the Martyr Sofia Roman depicted on the icon. It can be drawn as to his full height, and waist. All the icons head of Sofia covers the shawl. She usually holds a cross or a scroll, pointing to the relic of the hand, that symbolizes the call to join the righteous spiritual path.

What helps the miraculous image

In his prayers before the icon of Saint Martyr Sophia Orthodox people are asking for protection from quarrels and strife in the house from the attacks of enemies and other troubles. A Saint is the patroness of all mothers, support and mentor in the upbringing of children. Icon promotes the avoidance of quarrels between spouses and relieves grief and depression.
Also before the icon of Sophia, the Roman pray for healing from illnesses.

The celebration of the

30 Sep (17 old style) is the official day of remembrance and veneration of the icon of St. Martyr Sofia.

Prayer before the icon

“Oh, great Martyr Sophia. You stand in heaven with our Lord. In life you’ve done good deeds. I do pray for healing my soul from sin, for I wish to stand in the way of the righteous. Be my intercessor and don’t let the faith true to leave me, as you did not lose her sanctity while suffering the ruthless. Be merciful and not leave me in moments of fear and despair. Grant me spiritual strength, do not let to lose heart my friends. Pray for us to the Lord, for we are all His children, and our souls will go one day in His Kingdom. But while I’m on earth are sinful, give me your support and patronage. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen.”

Martyr Sophia the first was the mother, therefore prayers addressed to her by the icons, help in the upbringing of children. Before the icon of the Holy Orthodox people sought protection and patronage of God. For women with the name Sofia is a Holy intercessor. It supports them in faith and helps to maintain mental and physical health. We wish you peace in your soul. Be happy