Icon of Saint Melania

Melania is revered by the women of the Orthodox world. The icon of this Saint is able to protect the girls from harm, helping to preserve the family and to find happiness.

History of the icon

Melania was born into a wealthy family: her parents were noble and respected people. She decided to devote her life to the Lord, but the parents did not heed her request, and at 14 years of age Melania was given in marriage.

Virgin girl a few years her husband refused to be intimate, but the young man managed to persuade Melanie to give him heirs in return for a promise to dedicate his life to serving the Lord. Married her and her husband had two babies — a boy and a girl, but immediately after birth they died, went to the Lord, and the Melania was on the verge of death.

Terrified spouse was sworn to renounce all worldly things, and Holy came back to life. The couple sold all their possessions and spent all his life helping people in the name of the Lord. After the death of the spouses, their canonized, and the Saint Melania began to honor women who wish to give birth to healthy children.

Where is the Holy image

Currently, the first written form of the Holy Melania in Jerusalem is in the cave near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Every year thousands of pilgrims come to venerate the icon and to ask about the greatest happiness — the birth of a healthy child.

Description icon of Saint Melania

The icon depicts the chaste young Melania, humbly entrust their fate in the hands of the Lord. In his right hand a Saint holding a Cross and scroll in his left hand with Scripture. This image was created for the edification of all Christian people as a reminder of the true purpose of our lives.

What helps the image of St. Melania

Venerable Melania pray for the birth of healthy children, healing children’s diseases and admonition of Chad on the path of true love to the Lord. Women around the world keep the icon of this Saint as a special value. Sincere prayers before the Holy image, can completely change the life of any family: after hearing the plea, Melania can give a woman a long-awaited child, which will be the solace of life and its meaning.

Prayer before the miraculous icon

“Oh, the blessed Melania, the Lord brought his life, by the grace of His forgiveness, soprovoditelnie and mercy house! In tears to thee and pray: help me, Holy innocent virgin, bestow humble servant of God (name) is a great happiness to bring the world our new life. Hear my cry, and leave me to my grief. Be an intercessor and a protector of my happiness to all my life I have thanked the Lord for giving me grace. Amen.”

This prayer must read for all women wishing to give birth to a healthy child and to be a healthy and happy marriage with beloved man.

The feast day of Saint Melania — 13 Jan. At this time, prayers for family happiness and children, spoken sincerely and from the heart, is able to create a miracle.