Icon Of Patriarch Tikhon

The righteous Tikhon was among the Holy martyrs by the Russian Orthodox Church, his special merit before God. His Shrine is an important support for the faithful people tormented by incurable disease.
Patriarch Tikhon is one of the most famous saints in Orthodoxy. All his life he was truly committed to the faith and to the Lord, making only the noble deeds and honor all the covenants of God. In the most serious period in the life of the Russian people, in war and famine, it is the Holy Tikhon became for the people a guide to the world of spirituality.

The story of the life of Patriarch Tikhon

Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Tikhon was glorified his name by having the highest position in the hierarchy of the ecclesiastical authority of the 19th century. But high rank is not the only merit of the Holy on the path of spiritual life. He was a real Christian, fully devoted himself to the faith and followed the path of nobility and godliness from the beginning of his life to the very end.

Tikhon was born in a family Church Minister named Basil. In those days the clergy had a very shaky situation in Russia, so the only way to bring his family to a better life was education. Study was given Tikhon with ease: at the age of 23, he has already obtained a theological academic degree. In 26 years, the Saint gave three main vows: the vow of poverty, vow of virginity and a vow of obedience. After taking his vows as a monk he took the name Tikhon.

Tikhon did many good deeds. The Patriarch built churches, opened the library, restored the Church, trained as ordinary people, and the clergy. The Saint has personally visited remote villages and towns, to fill the hearts of the locals spirituality, to guide them on the path of righteous living.

The Patriarch vehemently fought with the government, which opposed the clergy, closing and destroying temples, forbidding people to move on the spiritual path. As a result, the Patriarch was arrested by the authorities and spent more than a year in prison. Twice Tikhon wanted to kill, but even this did not break the spirit of the Saint. After his release he continued to fight with politicians, preaching faith in Christ, instructing a considerable number of Orthodox on the right path.

In the last year of life, the Patriarch was seriously ill, but still continued to hold services. He gave his life to the Lord in 1925, the day of the celebration of the Annunciation of the blessed virgin, and even then on the lips it sounded prayer.

Where are the icon and the relics of Patriarch Tikhon

Miraculous icon of the Saint is kept in the Donskoy Stavropegic monastery in Moscow. There are also Holy relics of Patriarch Tikhon.
In our time, Orthodox believers from all over the world come to the monastery to pray before the relics.

Description and value of the miraculous icon

The whole life of St. Tikhon was serious dear to the Lord, which he could get, not komives and not the spirit of the surfactant. Despite the persecution of the eternal, Holy not only has not lost its spirituality, but filling the souls of others with faith and love for God. He taught Russian people to love and be happy even in hard and scary time of their lives. Because only the true faith can fill the body and soul with unwavering force.

The contribution of Patriarch Tikhon in the spirituality of the Russian people and to the establishment of the Russian Orthodox Church is incredibly large. After the death of the monk was canonized for her enduring devotion to the faith and the service of the Lord until the very last minutes of life.

The Shrine depicts the Saint Tikhon and the Patriarchal robe. In his left hand he had a scroll in expanded form, and in his right hand he holds a cross to indicate true faith in Jesus, embodying obedience to the Lord and fulfil His commandments.

What helps the miraculous image

People from different parts of the world come in temple of the don, to pray before the famous icon of Patriarch Tikhon. Before the icon pray for healing from liver disease, diseases of the eye. Also Holy is able to get rid of paralysis, bleeding and cholera. In prayer the believers ask the Martyr to help free children from the plight and disease, sometimes incurable.

Appeal to the Saint in the prayers for spiritual guidance, for faith and spirituality. The righteous Tikhon supports each praying in all the difficulties of life, not leaving anyone without help.

The celebration of the icon

The day of celebration of the icon of Patriarch Tikhon falls on 9 October. On this day large number of people visits the temple, where is the Holy image of the Martyr to surrender the prayer to the saints, and to touch the relics of the Saint.

The prayer of Patriarch Tikhon in front of the icon

“Oh, The Great Patriarch! Glorious Martyr, Saint of God! Kneel before your Shrine, indulging in prayers before the image of the miraculous! Please hear my prayer and do not leave it unattended. Give me support and help through the difficulties of life, because you lose strength I! Help me to regain faith, fill my body with vitality, and my soul with spirituality. Heal from ailments and diseases bodily cast out the demons that settled in my soul! Don’t let me go astray, pray for me to the Lord, let all my sins, because I repent. Become a patron of mine, take from me all the troubles and misfortunes! Yes strengthen the health of all my friends and relatives! Pray thee, the faithful Patriarch! Only you are able to provide support in moments of grave and show us the true path to spiritual enlightenment that will lead us to the Kingdom of our Lord. Yes, I will praise thy name, Holy Tikhon! In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Forever and ever. Amen.”

In many respects the Orthodox Church owes to the merits of Patriarch Tikhon, who are struggling with atheism. Only through such saints, as a great Saint Tikhon, the Christian faith is not extinguished in the memory of believers. Remember that with the help of prayers and faith can change your destiny. We wish you a happy life. Take care of yourself