Icon Of Oleg Of Bryansk

Oleg of Bryansk — Orthodox Saint that comes in difficult moments to help people at the call of their sincere prayers. The icon of the righteous, supporting anyone in need — the shield and the bearing for the believer.

Oleg of Bryansk, in the “Sacred” is a significant and well-known figure in the Orthodox Church. It is famous for its deep spirituality and faith in the Lord. Throughout his adult life he devoted to the service of God, never falling spirit.

History of the icon

Oleg of Bryansk was a Holy man. He was the son of Prince Roman Mikhailovich, who ruled in Bryansk lands, and grandson of the famous Michael of Chernigov. Since birth the boy instilled a love of Christ and guided on the right path. Oleg grew up humble and righteous man, determined to live a godly life. In his youth, Sacred went camping, fighting with strangers, but when his father died, the Saint realized that military business is not his calling. Soon the Saint had renounced all the privileges and power, took monastic San, becoming a monk. It is in the service of the Lord he found his destiny.

Oleg of Bryansk have made many truly pure and noble deeds. He helped the infirm, were sent on the right path and gave advice to anyone who approached him. Being a noble man, and having considerable amount of gold, the monk built the Peter and Paul monastery in Bryansk. For all the merits of a believer who has devoted his life to the Lord, was canonized after death.

Where is the icon of Oleg of Bryansk

In Russia there is no city in whose Church it would be impossible to find the icon Oleg of Bryansk. In almost every Church in our country you can see the Holy image of the monk. For Christians Oleg of Bryansk is considered one of the Holy martyrs, a mentor and an ambulance assistant. That is why it is a Holy icon has such popularity and love among the believers.

One of the first and the earliest icons of the Martyr is located in the Peter and Paul monastery of the city of Bryansk. The countrymen are proud of the Shrine, and every year a large number of people from around the world gather in the monastery to pray before the Holy face of Martyr.

Description of a sacred image

Traditionally, the icon depicts himself Oleg of Bryansk in the garb of a monk. Iconographers usually depicted in the right hand of the monk temple. With the other hand, Oleg points to the sacred abode, thus showing the people that the Church is the house of the Lord, where everyone can find peace and support.

What helps icon

Orthodox people give themselves to prayer before the icon of St. Oleg in perilous times and hard when you need help. Especially Martyr helps people with the ambition, the selfishness, the pride, prejudices, and lust. Also prayers to the Holy one draw lost people who lost the right path to God.

Righteous acts as the guardian and patron for boys named Oleg, has protected them from troubles and misfortunes. Before the icon of the Holy believers read prayers for friends and relatives who have lost faith. Oleg of Bryansk helps people regain spirituality and to continue the righteous road that ultimately leads to God.

People praying before the icon of the Saint, reach the lost inner peace, freed from all fears and doubts.

The celebration of the icon

The official day of celebration established by the Orthodox Church when people remember the deeds of St Oleg of Bryansk, is considered to be October 3 (old style September 20). On this day Christians pray before the icon of the Saint, go to Church, to pay tribute and light a candle near the Shrine.

Prayer before the icon of Oleg of Bryansk

“Oh, sweet Oleg! You’re the man Jesus Christ who gave his life to faith and righteousness. You are our protector from all harm and the healer of our souls. We beseech you: don’t deny our request instruct us on the right path, not allowing you to lose strength and patience. Become a patron of ours, give us comfort and joy. Take our sorrow and hide from troubles. Let us not indulge in anger, crafty, lust, and vanity. Give us your intercession and don’t leave us as long as we give up our souls to the Lord, going in His Kingdom. Because you’re standing next to our Father, His Son Jesus and the great Mother of the Virgin Mary! Pray for us in front of them! Yes, we give, we honor you and praise Your name, o most Sacred Martyr Oleg! In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Henceforth and forevermore. Amen.”

Believers can turn to the saints in all moments: when you need help, when you have a difficult choice, or in moments of joy. It is important to know what a Saint to pray. We wish you strong faith and peace in the soul. Take care of yourself, be happy