Icon Of Joseph Of Volokolamsk

Among the revered Orthodox saints holds a special place Joseph of Volokolamsk. The elder who led a righteous and God-pleasing life, is a role model, and his prayer to strengthen the faith of everyone, not allowing the negativity to tarnish the righteous soul.

The Orthodox world knows many examples of righteous living saints who deliberately went to the rejection of worldly goods and devoted life, heart and soul to the service of God. Such a man was Joseph of Volokolamsk, who left home at the age of 26 years, deciding to become a monk.

History of the icon

The righteous elder from the early years was given to righteous parents in the education of priest, diligently studied the wisdom of a righteous life, became a reader and singer of Psalms. The boy chose his way of life and as an adult, went to a wilderness near Tver. There he enrolled in the teaching to elder Barsanuphius, and then went into the service of another monk in the Borovsk, becoming after the death of his mentor, Abbot of the monastery.

During his long life, Joseph has brought a lot of righteous, heartily helped everyone, preaching the Word of God and led an ascetic way of life. His invaluable contribution to the establishment of the Orthodox faith, written treatises, selfless assistance and advice to all those in need were the reason for the canonization.

Where is the image

Icons with the image of St. Joseph of Volokolamsk can be found in many towns and villages throughout Russia. The image of the old man to worship in famous temples and churches:

in the city of Volokolamsk, Bogoroditserozhdestvenskoy of the Church;
at the Iosifo-Volokolamsk monastery, the Teryayevo, Moscow region;
in the same Church in Pavlovskaya Sloboda, Moscow region;
the Goritsky monastery of Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl region;
in the Church of St. Nicholas, located in Moscow;
in the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary in the city of Korolev, Moscow region;
in the Church of the Dormition Cathedral of Dmitrov, Moscow region.
Description of icon Joseph of Volokolamsk

Scenic icon depicts the Reverend elder to her waist. His face turned straight to praying, and arms crossed. Open palms symbolise the soul, the desire to help everyone, to instruct on the right path. Concise image does not contain many parts, so as not to distract the faithful from contemplation of the face of the elder.

What helps icon of elder Joseph

Joseph Volotsky through prayer and true faith could heal all the suffering. Reliable sources mention the recovery of the person from the obsession that happened through the prayers of Joseph to the virgin Mary. Healed he and Prince Ruzsky from the deadly disease. Orthodox Christians resort to using the image in any troubles, ask for advice in difficult situations, pray for the health of their loved ones. Also, St. Joseph is considered the patron of business and management.

The celebration of the

The icon has two celebrations. First the veneration of the monk in the face of the saints is celebrated on the 9th (22nd) of September, and the second — 18 (31) October, the day of the uncovering of the relics of venerable Joseph of Volotsk.

Prayer before the image

“Our father Joseph. Offer humble prayers to you, asking for help and protection. Bow down before the Lord Almighty Yes, ask for his blessings for us and our families. Protect from demonic creatures Yes do not give to turn from the path of truth. Pray you, Reverend, for the health of soul and body. Deliver us from diseases and give to live the life of the righteous, to atone for all transgressions voluntary and involuntary. Amen.”

Miraculous face is able to heal every true believer, to direct the thoughts of men in righteous direction to protect against any adversity. Clerics urge everyone in the days of veneration of Joseph of Volokolamsk to attend Church and to pray for the health of everyone living on Earth.