Icon Of Daniel Of Moscow

St. Daniel of Moscow honored without exception, all Orthodox Christians. Its icon in your home able to become a real protection for the whole family from quarrels, disagreements and troubles.

History of the icon

Saint Daniel of Moscow was born in the late 13th century in the city of Vladimir. His father was the legendary Alexander Nevsky, completed his earthly journey, when Daniel was only two years. The boy grew up God-fearing and obedient child, devoutly revered the memory of his father. When Daniel had reached the appropriate age, he was put to rule in Moscow inheritance, differing unenviable destiny and abundance of robbery.

Specific reign of Daniel in a small town then sharply differed from the policy of other Dukes. God-fearing ruler genuinely cared for subject to the land he lived on, quickly earning the respect and love of the common people. With the help given him the wisdom of the Prince has greatly expanded their possessions, without resorting to bloodshed, and initiated the rise of Moscow.

Shortly before his death in 1303 Daniel of Moscow took monastic vows and was buried in the cemetery beside the erection of Danilov monastery. His relics were discovered 300 years later, and then the Prince was canonized, and one of Moscow painters was written by him.

Where is the image of Daniel of Moscow

The original image of the Holy Prince was lost during the civil wars. However, the miracle-working copy with the relics of Daniel of Moscow, and to this day can be found in the Svyato-Danilov monastery in Moscow.

Description of a sacred image

The icon of Daniel the Prince of Moscow is portrayed at the end of his life, after making monastic vows. In the hands of a Saint holding a small Church — a symbol that he built the famous Svyato-Danilov monastery is a place of pilgrimage and peace Orthodox Christians today.

This image reminds every believer that at the end of life’s journey all of us will be judged according to our deeds and accomplishments.

What helps icon

Saint Daniel of Moscow throughout his life was an example of true humility and virtue, avoiding attacking their fellows for profit, but never retreating before the danger to his land. There is a lot of evidence that the sincere prayer before the icon of the Saint is able to reconcile the warring relatives or friends in the short term. Also Saint Daniel pray:

deliverance from enemies;
about finding your own home;
about protection of property from thieves and robbers;
about the successful outcome of the trial.

Prayer before the image of the Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow

“Holy Nobleborn Prince Daniel, meekness, strength, and its light illuminating the castle quiet, the patron Saint of his raise, before the Lord his life past, and earnestly pray that you do not abhor me your, Daniel, hear my prayer and come, in order not to fell my soul in the darkness of sin and despair. O Holy Prince, deliver family and my family from internecine strife, quarrels and hatred, protect my house, the light of his blessing and help me to prevail over my enemies, in order not to remain homeless and tainted by unfair treatment. Holy Daniel, protect and preserve my soul in humility and repentance, do not leave me without your veil and show the true path of the Covenant of God. Amen.”

Day of remembrance of the icon of the Holy Prince Daniel — 12 September, new style. At that time, the power of prayer is life-changing. With its help, you will be able to turn their own destiny, freed from the burden of past sins.