Icon Mitrophan Of Voronezh

Mitrophan of Voronezh — the first Bishop of Voronezh land, canonized immediately after death for a fiery love for God and believers. The icon and the relics of the Saint has repeatedly revealed to the gaze of the human miracles of healing and deliverance from suffering.

Beneficial help comes from all of the wonderworking icon. Icon Mitrophan of Voronezh is no exception. People’s memory are known cases, when the Saint was the answer to the prayers of the faithful through miraculous healings. This icon will be the protector of your well-being, helping to overcome life’s difficulties and troubles.

History of the icon

The icon was light in the 19th century. The full name of the most famous and revered image: the icon Mitrophan of Voronezh “the Martyr”. To write it with all responsibility have approached the residents of the Kursk region. The thorny path to the Holy face fell until he reached the present. Not once the icon tried to destroy the renegades, but all attempts to deprive the believers of the miraculous icon remained in vain.

Way of life the preacher was directed will of the Lord, which the righteous Saint not betrayed to the death. To his labors is a huge number of outstanding cases in the name of Orthodox religion. Left a legacy of pervoprestolnoy Mitrophan serve the Orthodox Christians and for today. The devotee of God performed during the life of the Lord’s will for spiritual enlightenment among the heretics of little faith and people, becoming their advocate and guide on the path of true faith.

Description of the icon

The icon depicts Saint Mitrophan in dark blue (black) apparel Church Minister. The image is a classic monastic letter. Painting on the surviving lists tends to sketchy, stereotyped, because a similar image was written in large numbers on many of the cathedrals and churches of Russia. In his left hand the Saint holds a Bishop’s staff, symbolising a Bishop pastoral and spiritual power over the people of the Church. The right hand of Saint Mitrophan blesses everyone who directs the eyes to the icon.

Where is the icon

Image Mitrophan of Voronezh was called the patron of the city on the Neva river, the name of which is now St. Petersburg and native land, in the city of Voronezh, which is now a place of worship of pilgrims from all countries. The most famous and miraculous list are:

Annunciation Cathedral in Voronezh. God’s Church is the third largest Orthodox cathedrals in the world and is the tallest Eastern Orthodox Church on the planet. In the Annunciation Cathedral was buried the aged, and historical response tells us about the ardent love of Peter I to the Moscow Mitrophan. After the death of the Bishop, the Tsar of Russia personally helped to carry the coffin, accompanying him on His last journey.
Pokrovsky Cathedral in the city of Voronezh. The temple can be seen as an icon, and incorrupt relics of the Saint;
Moscow State historical Museum;
The Church of the Archdiocese of St. Petersburg.
What helps icon Mitrophan of Voronezh

Prayer requests first Bishop helps in finding compassion, care, virtue. Orthodox people leave prayer requests in front of the icon of the imminent receipt of a work that will appeal to and bring financial prosperity. The Holy Hierarch of Voronezh also often put their trust in prayer for the children and ask about their happy future.

Before this icon of the folk memory of the well-known case of healing mental and physical ailments. So prayers beside a sacred image is also able to heal mental and physical illness.

Prayer before the icon

Prayers recited before the image of Mitrophan of Voronezh, will help anyone seeking help in difficult moments of life. Saint is the patron of the Christian faith, and thus the patron of every believing soul. Prelate benefit of protection before the temptations and the temptations, helping to eliminate a disgrace and vices. Near the icon people pray for a long and happy life. Saint Mitrophan and helps in the Affairs of everyday, protecting it from layoffs and problems in family life. The Bishop made contact with the following words:

“Oh, Sainted Mitrophan! Receive the prayers of the sinful people (name), resorting to Your help. Ask the Lord to Its caring mission to save us from our sins, from misfortunes and troubles, depressed and suffering from diseases, killing of the soul and our bodies. Enlighten us, great one, to live righteously and let the hearts of the sinful and unworthy would be through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Forevermore, we praise your name, Yes, infinite and merciful Kingdom of God. Amen.”

The celebration of the icon

The days of memory of the Saint is carried out more than once: two of them correspond to the days when it was found incorrupt relics of Mitrophan of Voronezh. August 20 — the first finding of the relics. September 17 — the Voronezh Cathedral of the saints and the day of the relics of the Saint. December 6 — the feast day of St. Mitrophan.

The miraculous image Mitrophan of Voronezh — the beauty icon with a powerful force, not just revealed Divine miracles. Turning in prayer to the Holy one, by the side of his face, everyone can feel the support and intercession of the Saint. We wish you strong faith, success and joy. Be happy