Icon Fyodor Ushakov

Selected Orthodox icons written with ordinary people who by their deeds prove the love of God. One of these persons canonized, is the warrior Fyodor Ushakov, who showed courage to protect people and devotee of the Orthodox faith.

Fyodor Ushakov not only made an invaluable contribution to the salvation of the Fatherland from enemies, but also brought a lot of innovative ideas that helped the Russian army to victory in many battles. A brilliant commander and fearless warrior, he in the end of his life gave all his strength and accumulation in the injured and in need of protection from enemies and destroyers during the war.

History of the icon

Fyodor Ushakov was canonized for many exploits. In his piggy Bank progress is a lot of brave decisions which have helped the troops to defeat the enemies. True love for people and his Homeland, as well as prayer to a Higher power not once rescued the commander and led it to victory and success. Before any battle he asked the patronage of the Higher Forces and receiving divine support in their campaigns.

Being in old age, Admiral Ushakov refused to participate in the military campaign, remaining in the rear. There on their savings, he organized a hospital and in process of forces and possibilities to help all those in need. In 2000 Patriarch Alexy II blessed rank as Fyodor Ushakov canonized, and in 2001, the Admiral was canonized.

Where is the icon

Icon of the Saint is found in many cities of Russia. To worship the image in Saransk, Volgodonsk, Volgograd, Moscow, Sochi, Saint-Petersburg. Built many churches and cathedrals named after the famous warrior. Also in the Novgorod region, in the village of Pechory, there is a bathing pool, built in honor of Fyodor Ushakov.

Description of the icon

The image of the Saint was written as close as possible to historical figures. Holy warrior depicted in a military uniform with medals, and honored them in numerous battles. A depiction of Fyodor Ushakov looks great. In the right hand is a scroll with prayers as a symbol of faith and protection of the Higher powers, in his right hand the warrior holds the weapon that slew the enemies of his homeland. The icon represents a perfect sample canonical writing of the saints, and the warrior is depicted with extreme meticulousness and thoroughness.

What helps the icon of St. Feodor Ushakov

Before the icon of the Holy pray for the repose of relatives who gave their lives in war for the benefit of the Motherland and the people, for the health of the soldiers serving, in hot spots and serving in the army. Resort to the help of the Holy to strengthen the faith, gaining courage and wisdom.

Prayer before the image

“The Holy warrior Fyodor, save and protect the lives of the husbands and sons of our serving military service. Give them wisdom and courage, protect them from enemies and help commit acts of good. Bless their martial exploits may you not leave in a moment of mortal danger. Pray for the repose of the soldiers who with honor withstand the pressure of the enemy and defend the Fatherland and the people from death and destruction. Amen.”

The date for the celebration

Twice the Church celebrates the veneration of the icon Fedor Ushkova: 15 October, in the day of his death, August 5, when a soldier was canonized. These days takes place a festive Liturgy and all those who wish to honor the memory of a great warrior and righteous man.

The patron Saint of military Fyodor Ushakov is an example to follow. His strength and power, backed by faith in a Higher Power helped him to cope with many difficulties and dangers. Pray to the Holy you can in your own words. Above all, they must come from a pure heart.