Icon “Exaltation Of The Cross”

Icon “exaltation of the cross” connected with the finding of relics and one of the main Orthodox holidays. The events depicted in the icon, describe the eternal struggle of good and evil, where the winner is always the same — the Lord.

Icon “exaltation of the cross” represents the event that occurred in the fourth century of our era. It is associated with the acquisition of the Shrine, where the Saviour was crucified. The Holy Apocrypha tell us about how the Gentiles abandoned all efforts to finally wipe you from the face of the earth any evidence of the life of Jesus Christ. Under the temple built by Gentiles on mount Calvary in honor of his Godhead was hid the cross on which the once crucified Savior. Christians did not lost hope to find a Shrine, and three hundred years later the life-creating Cross was found. And the miracles that happened that day, were depicted in the icon as proof of the victory of the Lord over falsehood and deceit of unscrupulous people.

History of the icon

After Jesus Christ gave his life for the sins of the people of the earth, the Holy Cross was lost. It was hidden by the Gentiles, and Christians for a long time could not find him. They have not lost hope, and in the IV century a miracle happened. Near mount Calvary in Jerusalem, Queen Helena found the Cross on which they crucified the Savior. For many years she searched for him, but, according to rumors, one Jew knew where they were hidden enemies of the Holy Cross. Elena found him in the cave, littered with debris, stones and earth. To learn about its authenticity, to the ruined temple invited a terminally ill woman. As soon as she touched the cross, the pangs left her body, she was healed, that proved not only the genuineness of the relics, but also divine assistance and love for every living on earth. This is one of the most important in the life of Christians.

The Bishop of the local Church three times raised the Cross in the name of salvation. Hence the name “Exaltation”. This holiday is considered one of the twelve main Orthodox holidays. A icon reflecting the event, serve as a reminder of divine protection.

Where is the Holy image

The sanctuary of the “Exaltation of the cross” is kept in many churches of our country. In the Moscow Church of the exaltation of the cross on Clean Vrazhek is the icon with the most common story. Earlier lists can be found in the Vatican and the Roman monastery, the Chapel of Saint Sylvester.

Description of icon “exaltation of the cross”

Each painter saw the important details of the event in their own way, so shrines vary in plot and execution. Basically the icon depicts a crowd of people, and behind them — the Church. In the middle of the icon shows the Saint, set up a Cross over his head. In front of Shrine — people who came to see the miracle, and the right rulers Constantine and Elena, which helped the faithful to rediscover the Cross of the Lord.

What helps icon

Before the icon pray for healing from serious diseases, including incurable. The Shrine has supported women in the struggle with infertility. People begging beg near the icons on the cure of pain in the teeth, bones, joints, chronic diseases. The power of this Shrine protects the faith, not allow it to weaken and directs the path of true happiness and grace.

The celebration of the

On 27 September is the feast of the exaltation of the Holy cross. This is a celebration for all Orthodox people is considered an important day. People remember the great sacrifice of the Savior and on the day of the finding of the cross.

Prayer before the icon

“O Holy Cross! You’re the Keeper of my body and my soul! Thou art my helper and protector! Saints, let me go my way until the end! Give me healing and protect me from diseases and ailments! Protect from enemies and evil spirits! Yes, we exalt the Cross, that all felt the power of it! Strengthen my will and my heart give blessing inexorable Lord that you will forgive me my sins! Yes, I will praise the greatness of the life-giving cross, because the nailed Saviour on it has undergone suffering for our sinful souls! In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Forever and ever. Amen.”

Icon “exaltation of the cross” helps us fully feel the events of that day, to understand the significance of the great relic. After all, Christ’s enemies did everything possible to smear His memory and settled in the hearts of believers deception and the idea that the Savior was not. But for three hundred years, faith in the Lord was unshakeable, and God pointed the way. Don’t forget to celebrate the Orthodox holiday, observing all the Church traditions of the day, and then the Almighty will illuminate your path with the light of hope and happiness. We wish you peace in your soul. Be happy