I thought about the girl Jim Carrey before suicide

In the suicide note, Catriona Wight called the culprit of his death

In computer ex-girlfriend of Jim Carrey Katrina white of her relatives found a letter, written in 2013, during another argument with her lover. The message the girl accuses the actor of all their troubles: “My blood is on your hands” and “you pulled the trigger”. On the advice of the lawyers, the parents of Catriona gave the text in the Daily Mail.

Among other things, white’s accused the actor that he gave her venereal disease — herpes, introduced prostitution, cocaine and mental disorders. At the same time she writes that “loved life” and was so confident before I met Kerry.

Jim Carrey and makeup artist Catriona white started Dating in 2012, but soon broke up. Their relationship was never stable. During the next break, on the advice of lawyers, in 2013, white wrote this letter. In 2015, the press-Secretary Kerry announced the final breakup of the couple. A few days after that, on September 28, the girl committed suicide by overdosing on pills psychotropic drugs, which were issued in the name of the actor. She was buried in Ireland, and the coffin with her body was carried by Jim.

Later, the parents and the former husband of the deceased accused the actor of her death. The family demanded that the stars of multimillion-dollar damages. In response, Kerry filed a counter-suit, accusing relatives of a former lover of extortion. According to him, the girl had mental problems before meeting him. The courts is still going on.

Recall, this is not the only “suicide” note of the deceased.