Husband of Frances Bean Cobain require financial support after a divorce

About the breakup of the only daughter of rock star Kurt Cobain Frances Bean Cobain with her husband Isaiah, Silvoy became known in March of this year. Since the pair has repeatedly appeared on the pages of Newspapers with the ugly underbelly of their relationship. This time they seem even more ugly.

Young healthy forehead Isaiah requires from his wife, whose condition is estimated at more than $ 100 million (thanks to her famous dearly departed father), 25 thousand dollars of monthly support.

This amount includes the payment of rental housing – 4.5 thousand dollars, two hundred dollars on clothes, 3,333 – on training in the private school his child from a previous relationship (!). Also in Isaiah the lawsuit alleges that because of his divorce from Frances the success of his group dropped significantly.

“Because of the breakup I was not able to record music and go on tour” — says the lawsuit. Since he and Francis Bean has not concluded a marriage contract, a man could get half of everything from his ex-wife.

Source: http://www.eonline.com
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